“Bunong Braso” by Anselmo Day-ag

We provide solutions in response to your complex yet important personal and business needs.

Dedication & Commitment

Dedication & Commitment

We make things simple for you to see how our products and services will benefit you – and others – in the long run.

We are driven by the highest standards of integrity, ensuring you get accurate and up-to-date information on the Pinoy-Estate solution you prefer.

We help you promote your products and services through high-impact low-cost marketing.

I. Why Pinoy-Estate?

What we don’t have should not hinder us from sharing what we do have. As Pinoys, we are resourceful; we innovate. We use our available resources (time, internet, people) and tweak them with our marketing efforts. Matching the pace of our daily lifestyle, time well-invested is opportunity (and money) well-earned. We adopt the business models of highly-paid tech savvy consultants through:

  • Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and other social media in creating a buzz for “word-of-mouth” recommendations;
  • Having a professional online blog or magazine with videos and high-resolution photos;
  • Events promotion, including even small-scale invitations like cook-outs, etc.
II. Why partner with small businesses?

Ripple-making is our key. We help small business entrepreneurs carve their niche and grow their client base without the absurdly high cost of marketing and advertising. When we are able to help them win by achieving both their business and personal goals, we win in our commitment to nation-building.

Pinoy-Estate’s Simple Solutions Model

Pinoy-Estate is about simple, hassle-free solutions. We understand that you, our clients, will come to us for solutions so there’s no need for us to bombard you with sales pitches but help you make an intelligent decision. We take care of you as people, not as numbers. We understand the sense of urgency in giving out solutions but we will not put undue pressure on you to finalize your decision. We want to make sure that the objective of our meetings with you will be not just to close a sale but to build a long-term, trustworthy relationship.


  • Connect first with immediate friends and family, along with their extended circle of friends.
  • Never to “burn bridges” but to improve on and strengthen current relationships.
  • Develop dashboards for tracking key performance indicators for a smoother production process.
  • Grow network of connections and establish a solid Ground Marketing Campaign.
  • Observe ethical business practices and establish a model for a sound Social Media Marketing Campaign.

III. Who is our market?

60% of the Filipino population live in rental facilities while only 5% own the houses they live in and are capable to invest in real estate or some other businesses. offers its solutions to these segments – and even those in between – but primarily to those whose goals and dreams are not just for themselves but for something bigger than themselves.


Rough Needs Analysis Philippine Market for Real Estate 2012, based on 2011 data from



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